About WIRP

Competition makes us faster; collaboration makes us better

Founded in 2017, Women In Residential Property fosters collaboration between women working across all sectors of the residential property industry, from conveyancing through to lending and onto agency and surveying. We organise digital and face to face networking events where we discuss a broad range of topics, from the personal to the professional, but we always aim to provide a friendly, supportive, blame free environment where we can share problems and discuss solutions.

It is free of charge to join WIRP.  Simply complete the very short form on our ‘Join Us‘ page.  There is a small charge for most of our events with 50% of the proceeds from ticket sales going to the charity, Ella’s.

Our Supporters

A significant proportion of the revenue we generate is donated to the charity, Ella’s.  We are only able to do this because of the generous support of our sponsors tmgroup, mio, SDL Surveying and Groundsure.

WIRP is run on a not for profit basis and would not exist without the hard work and support of our committee. Click here to find out who is behind WIRP.