About WIRP

It’s all about collaboration

Founded in 2017, Women In Residential Property fosters collaboration between women in senior roles across all sectors of the residential property industry, from conveyancing through to lending and onto agency and surveying. We focus on organising digital and face to face networking events which provide a relaxed environment in which to develop friendships and share knowledge.

Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us better

The residential property industry operates in silos.  This does little to foster collaboration; understanding or the development of effective pan-transaction working practices.  WIRP was founded to help break down these silos and encourage productive knowledge sharing between conveyancers, agents, surveyors and mortgage brokers.  We discuss a broad range of topics at our meetings, from the personal to the professional, but we always aim to provide a friendly, supportive, blame free environment where we can share problems and discuss solutions.

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Meet our Chairperson

Emma Vigus

Emma Vigus

Chair of Women In Residential Property and Managing Director at mio

WIRP was launched in 2017 by Emma Vigus who has worked closely with the residential property sector since 2008.  Emma believes that effective collaboration between the professions is vital to delivering improvements to the residential property transaction; improving customer services and to ensuring a sustainable long term future for many of the businesses involved in the sector. 

Our Supporters

WIRP is run on a not for profit basis with a significant proportion of the revenue we generate being donated to the charity, Ella’s.  We are very grateful to the following businesses for all their support, without which we would not be able to continue operating.

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